Welcome to Game Development Alexander Lamers
In the year 2022, the development journey of CHARGED: RC Racing, an exhilarating arcade-style racing game, commenced. The fruition of this endeavor manifested with the release of CHARGED: RC Racing in November 2022, and it is now readily accessible on the Steam platform. Looking ahead to early 2023, I anticipate the unveiling of two captivating new games. First on the roster is GUNWATCH: Conflict Survival, a visually engaging shooter imbued with a comic-inspired aesthetic, entailing both tactical combat and an enthralling zombie wave survival experience. Furthermore, Drift Experience Japan, a meticulously crafted gaming venture, promises to immerse players in an experiential journey, showcasing the cutting-edge graphics prowess of Unreal Engine 5.

About Me
Greetings, I am Alexander Lamers, a resident of Karlsruhe, Germany. Drawing upon my extensive experience as a devoted gamer, I made the choice to embark upon the path of game development. I am engaged in the pursuit of a comprehensive education in the field of business informatics within Germany. I am deeply grateful for the chance to amalgamate my fervor for development and gaming, as this unique opportunity allows me to pursue my passion in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

The Systems
Developing System:
NVIDIA RTX 3080 | Intel i5-11400F | 16GB DDR4 Corsair
Testing Systems:
High: NVIDIA RTX 3080 | Intel i5-11400F | 32GB DDR4
Mid: NVIDIA GTX 980TI | Intel i5-2500k | 16GB DDR3
Low: NVIDIA GTX 750TI | Intel i5-4590 | 8GB DDR3

Awards - Misha YT
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Misha (Миша Цы-кол) for bestowing upon CHARGED: RC Racing - Starter Edition the esteemed recognition of being among the top 16 free games for the year 2023.
Award Misha YT

Awards - GosuGamers
I extend my sincerest appreciation to GosuGamers for bestowing upon GUNWATCH: Conflict Survival the esteemed distinction of being ranked among the top three games on the 27th of January, 2023.
Award GosuGamers Article

Awards - TECHCult
I would like to express my utmost gratitude to TECHCult for honoring Drift Experience Japan with the prestigious distinction of being among the top nine newly released free games.
Award TECHCult Article

Thank you!
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have extended their support by providing valuable comments and critiques, which have significantly contributed to the refinement of my products. Recognizing that there is still ample room for improvement within my games, I am committed to an ongoing process of learning and growth, striving to achieve even better outcomes in the days ahead.