Compete in diverse race circuits with the objective of securing the top position in order to gain access to additional race tracks and automobiles. Accomplish all six championships by consistently achieving first place in each individual race. In order to outmatch your adversaries, it is necessary to strategically utilize the various items available on the racetrack.

Engage in competitive races against participants from across the globe, with the capacity to accommodate up to eight players. Select from a variety of game modes and effectively utilize the items at your disposal.

Attain the present pinnacle level of 20 in order to obtain novel components for your custom RC-Car or exclusive vehicles, which can be utilized across various game modes.

You are granted the privilege to craft your very own RC-Car, granting you the opportunity to select one out of six accessible chassis options. Employ various suspensions, wings, bodies, antennas, and tires to assemble your vehicle according to your preferences. Take pride in your unique creation and showcase it to fellow players within the online community.